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Birthdate:Oct 12
Location:Wheelsy, South Carolina, United States of America
Small quiet middle of no where town and I’m its sheriff. Should be an easy gig. And, aside from handling a loud mouth mayor and few inept deputies it is. Or was. Up until the day a fat lady exploded in a barn and let loose a hell storm of brain slugs that zombified the people of that town and made my job one hell of a lot harder then it ever should have been.

It’s not so bad. Less you mind animal mutilation, squid men and people shootin acidy spit at you. Then it’s a big damn nightmare. Better pack a grenade.

Sheriff Bill Pardy is an everyday Joe. He watches over his town with a lazy eye, sleeping in his patrol car and making fun of the mayor. He does his job though, providing a service to the town of Wheelsy from monitoring the safe crossing of school children to the backing up of his momma’s plumbing Sheriff Bill is there.

6’1” and slim he’s one of the more attractive denizens of the town. He’s got a great sense of humor but can be the voice of authority when the time calls for it. Grew up wanting to be a cop and while there are a few regrets he has he’s pretty happy with his life and a good natured and likeable guy.

Sheriff Bill Pardy is from the movie 'SLiTHER', and is the property of Universal studios and the folks out there. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

[LJ banner made by the awesome [info]shoroko for the [info]help_haiti auction that was done in Milliways :D ]

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